Photo Resizer Pro

Photo Resizer Pro 3.9

Resize, watermarks, print photos in batches for email and web or internet use
5.5.1 (See all)

It is easy to resize batches of photos to new sizes larger or smaller with specific quality settings depending on the purpose of the resizing.
Add prefixes or suffixes to the resized file name.
Save to the same or another folder.
Option to remove IPTC data (information stored inside JPG photos about the camera settings etc.)
Watermarks with 2 lines of text. Change fonts, font sizes and font colors, text angles, text position, left, right or center justified. Set watermarks transparency. Select features for watermark text like Shadow and or Blurr and or Emboss.
Crop parts of photos to new photos.
Edit contrast, brightness, emboss, apply filters and waves and much more.
Save and resize to many different image formats with advanced settings where the format allows it.
Resize to different filters. E.g. Images with lines comes out better with Lanczoz3.
Resize to true color, 256 colors or gray scale.
Resize to Width (Height will be calculated)
Resize to Heigh (Width t will be calculated)
Resize to Width and Height restrictions (Both H and W will be calculated to fit the photo into the rectangle)
Resize by Percentage.
Use Photo resizer Pro for personal, professional emails to reduce the size of the mail.
Resize photos before adding them to reports to reduce the file size of reports.
Save space on discs,
Save upload time and bandwidth,
Save space on host site of your photo upload site like, and many more.
Sharing your photos has never been this easy. The software ships with a help file with ?step by step? section to get you started quickly.

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